COVID-19: Will Corona Virus Make You Cry? When the case of sub variant JN.1 came to light, the Health Minister of Kerala gave an important statement.

A case of sub-variant JN.1 of coronavirus has been reported in Kerala. An all-round debate started on this. This was confirmed by Dr Rajiv Bahl, Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research, at a press conference on Saturday. Kerala Health Minister Veena George advised people to be cautious regarding this matter.

After a case of COVID-19 sub-variant JN.1 was reported in Kerala on Sunday, state Health Minister Veena George said people should not worry.

Woman infected with sub variant JN.1
Official sources said that the sample of the 79-year-old woman turned out to be positive in the RT-PCR test. The woman showed mild symptoms of influenza. At present no other case of N.1 sub variant has been reported in the country. The first variant of the corona virus was identified in Luxembourg.

A mock drill is underway on health facilities in the states, in which public health and hospital preparedness will be evaluated. The drill began on December 13 under the supervision of district collectors and will continue till December 18.

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